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Hobby breeders of lionlops and lionheads and mini lops.

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Welcome to our site! This is dedicated to our lovely bunnies and we hope you enjoy the time you spend on our site and that you like our bunnies as much as we do!                      

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Welcome! My name is Jack and I am a hobbyist breeder along with my sister is Emily, who now has a smaller role than before, but is still part of Cookie Rabbits. I am 15 and Emily is 19 and we live in Nottinghamshire. We have kept rabbits since we were young; the first ones being when Emily was about 3. We have always enjoyed keeping rabbits and we adore their friendly nature.

At present we are only small scale breeders,we breed lionlops and mini lops, but are hoping to introduce a pair of lionheads soon because they are the breed I am most attached to and were the breed I first fell in love with. We will be adding a harlequin and a magpie lionhead, preferably vienna marked with blue eyes.

We are not a business and do not breed for profit. Our rabbits are much loved pets and part of the family. Any money made from sales will go straight back into the care of our rabbits-buying new water bottles, food bowls, treats, toys, new hutches etc.

We breed our does 2-3 times a year. We keep our lionlops and lionheads in 4ft cages and the mini lops will be in slightly smaller ones. We have a few cages with under-runs for the does with litters. All of our cages are kept in an old greenhouse. In the day time they are put out in the runs. We have a large garden and plenty of grass for them to enjoy. If it is a hot day we make sure they are provided with shade by either trees or sheets.

We feed them dry food in the every evening around 7pm before we cover them up to keep them warm and safe during the night. They are fed on a mix of Wagg and Dodson and Horrel Chudley's Rabbit Royale.



 In April 2007, shortly after my 12th birthday, my friend and I built our own 'rabbit mansion'. It was an old wendy house with a run attached to the side that could be seperated off and an extra hutch at the other end. We went to a local breeder who is my brother's friend and I have known for years. Our intention was to buy 2 pet rabbits, but no idea what breed we wanted. We went on a thursday, my friend chose a smooth harlequin lionhead doe, I chose a harlequin dwarf lop buck (treacle), Emily came along and chose a smooth tri-colour lionhead buck (freckles), my brother got one too (Flopsy) that I ended up with. We left one rabbit left in the litter of lionheads, a broken black single maned lionhead buck and felt sorry for him so we got him as well. A few months later we visited pets at home as we did most weeks, after ice skating, and saw a lop doe for adoption with an indoor cage and accessories, we got her home, put her in with Flopsy and it turned out to be a boy. Myxomatosis arrived in the summer and afterwards we were left with the harlequin smooth lionhead doe, Freckles and Flopsy. In september 2007, the harlequin smooth lionhead doe gave birth to a litter of 4, which thumper came from. In september 2008, the same breeder was giving up his breeding, so I took that chance to go and pick up some new adults. When i got there, there was 2 dwarf lop does (cookie and a tri-colour) and a harlequin dwarf lop buck in one big cage. A magpie/harlequin lionhead doe with a litter of 3, 1 fawn/orange, and 2 blue/lilac selfs (all double maned) and I was told there was a lionhead buck there that cost a lot of money but i never got to see him. Also there was a broken black dwarf lop doe with a litter of 4 lionlops, all harlequin/magpie's. There was about 8 cross breeds as well. I chose 1 harlequin dwarf lop doe, who was 1 and a half years old and had 1 litter previously, because my mum said just 1!!! She later was named Cookie and also became a big part of my life. 

 Our site is dedicated to our late harlequin dwarf lop doe Cookie who sadly passed away in August (R.I.P Cookie), she was 2 1/2 years old. At the age of about 2, Cookie developed a cataract in her right eye, so she couldn't see out of it, which was not hereditory and not the cause of her death. We kept trying to breed her but never succeeded. However before she had died she had swollen up nicely and was beginning to make a nest, when she died we turned her over and felt her stomach to see if we could feel anything and to this day we're sure we felt little babies, she died a day before she was due to give birth, she was mated a month previous to her death. We are hoping to find a harlequin dwarf lop doe to be cookie's successor. She is buried at the top of the garden with our old dog, cat and numerous rabbits, but i made sure that she was next to my old mini rex cross doe Wizzer, so that they can keep each other company. 


I would like to thank all the people that have helped get me started in breeding and I would like to thank Tammy @HazelWoodStud for helping me out so much, I dont think I will ever be able to repay her. 



The contact page has my (Jack) details on but feel free to contact both of us on the addresses below: